Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Pen Pals going, going....

not quite gone. I was talking to one of my customers (85) today when she came to mail her son a package. She also bought some stamps and said part of them were to send to her Pen Pal. I told her just last night I was thinking about her Pen Pals and wondered how long she had them and how she got them. She said she had had them since the early 70's. I said "Wow, basically as long as I have been alive". She said "my Mother took a paper back then, it was just in black and white print, no pictures. (If you said she took a paper now a days it would something different) There was an ad in there from a lady saying she could match you with Pen Pals that shared the same birthday as you, so my customer mailed in her info in. She received back a list of Pan Pals who shared the same birthday as her, some even the same year. She wrote all, didn't here back from a couple, but heard back from 5, all were from different states and 2 were even from different countries. She said in the beginning they wrote at least once a month, except around Christmas, then they would just send a note saying talk to you after Christmas. As the years went by they aged, their eye sight faded, writing became harder to do and the letters aren't quite as regular anymore. A few times now she has sent letters only to receive an obituary notice back. I asked if she had ever met any of them in person and she had. Some just once, a few she has went to visit more then once and they had also come to visit her a time or two. I could have listened to her much longer and asked more questions, but another customer came in. How cool is that to have made friends that way and to still be friends after all these years? It really is sad that such simple things in life are going to the way side. Oh the joy of receiving a hand written letter in the mail and the joy of writing one back. As the saying goes "It's been a long time since the morning mail could be considered correspondence." How many years before no one knows what a Pen Pal is?

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Lucky or Unlucky?

Yesterday I stopped over to my friends Larry & Deb's to discuss something with them. Deb said to me "if it weren't for bad luck you wouldn't have any luck at all" I totally agreed with her. Today I got home from work only to find my floor wet and I knew right away that it wasn't a wet spot you could blame on the dogs. I changed my clothes and got down on the floor to drag everything out from under the kitchen sink. ( Where did I get all that stuff?)  While I was wiping up the water I bumped the garbage disposal and down it came. Really, how unlucky can I be, part of it has broke and that is why I had the water all over the floor. First lucky moment: this is an easy fix and doesn't require a plumber. Off to Menard's to get parts to fix it. We are driving in the driveway and they have their 11% rebate sign out, lucky me I get a rebate for fixing my disposal. Turns out they didn't have the parts I needed, but new ones aren't too terrible expensive and I can use my new card that earns me points. Back home to get it installed. I did swear a few times, I won't lie about that. The luckiest part of all of it: I can now say I put in my own garbage disposal in, how many other women can say that? So maybe now no matter what the situation is there is always a lucky side to it? Do you consider yourself lucky or unlucky? Maybe you don't believe in luck at all.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Postage Stamps ~ Going & Coming

Some of the stamps the USPS puts out are cool, others you wonder what they were thinking. It is interesting to see who will like which stamps when they come out. Some stamps you sell out in a matter of days and others you sit on until they go back for destruction. This coming week there are a bunch scheduled to go off sale on July 1. I only have a few of them in my office, so those are the only ones I'll be posting here. If you want to know the others you can contact me and I'll look them up for you. Two of the three I have that are going off sale I'll miss, the other I'm very happy to see go. 

 Really? How can you get rid of Rudolph? He and his other stamp buddies are so cute. I only have a few sheets of these left so I hope someone buys them, Christmas will be here before you know it. 

Johnny Cash, truly a musical legend. I sold out of him twice. The only reason I still have some left is I had another office send them over since they weren't selling them. I just sold a sheet yesterday, people will miss this stamp. Speaking of which... you can have your own Johnny Cash Postage Stamp Necklace. I still have one available in my Etsy Shop. Johnny Cash Necklace 

Harry Potter, sorry I'm glad to see these stamps go. I've never read the books or seen the movies, so I don't see the fascination with him. I'm guessing most people in town feel the same way because these stamps have been gathering dust since they came out. The Library in town buys them when they need them, but I don't recall anyone else buying them in sometime. I do think they are a great stamp for the library. 

Now for new stamp that is coming out June 30, 2016.......

Soda Fountain Favorites 

I love this they are so fun looking, they do make me crave Ice Cream though. Ever since the day they came in I have been wanting a Banana Split.  They are sold in sheets of 20 for $9.40. According to the description the five illustrations: are a double scoop ice cream cone, an egg cream, a banana split, a root beer float, and a hot fudge sundae. Can anyone tell me what an egg cream is? (Looks likes a drink of sorts)

If you are headed to the Post Office this week that gives you a few stamps to choose from. Maybe some of them will even inspire you to start stamp collecting.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Poison Ivy or Poison Oak or Poison Sumac

What ever it is, I have it!!! I can't believe I have gone 45 yrs and 347 days without it, why after all this time? I actually think it's because where I have it I cut myself while gathering weeds and since I had a open area I got it. Or maybe because they say our bodies change over time and now I'm always going to be allergic. I really hope not. I look at pics of all of them and go outside to find it and can't remember what the pics look like. Now I'm avoiding all weeds, the chickens aren't happy. Once this clears up I will give the weeds another try and see if it happens again.

Way back when I was in the third grade, 2 of my best friends and I went into the woods and found a big patch if it. We picked leafs and rubbed them one ourselves, we rolled in it, we just in general had a grand time of playing on it. We knew some that had a week off from school for catching it and we wanted a week off. My 2 friends, well they both got a couple weeks off from school, because they got it so bad. I didn't have a single mark on me. 

I have tried a few suggested items: Calaclear, I had to apply it every hour to keep the itching at bay. Bleach., I hate the smell to start with, but I think it made me itch more. So far Hydro cortisone with Aloe has helped the most, it will last 1/2 the day without needing to reapply. I just got some prescription steroid cream today, we'll see how that does over night. I have to admit positive thinking really helped one night. I was laying in bed and it was so itchy I couldn't sleep. I kept repeating "it doesn't itch" over and over. I started to believe it and fell asleep.

Reason for my post, I have to share my favorite "cure". You can use Urine, but it has to be your own. Really? That takes all the fun out of randomly asking someone for a cup of urine to rub on your Poison Ivy. Seriously, how do they know it has to be your own, have they tried their own as well as friends? I guess as long as what I'm trying keeps working I will skip trying this one, but won't say never, because who knows what the future holds.

Are you allergic? What do you use that works? What have you tried that hasn't worked? 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My Boys

I have a terrible memory, I tell people all the time "I will if I remember". Tonight I remembered it's been a little while since I added anything here. I was right, kinda, it's been over a year. So what better way to get back on track then to introduce the 2 handsome boys that entered my life and added so much happiness. Apolo was first, he came last fall. He's a Saint Bernard, his family was moving and couldn't take him with. This spring right after we lost Pogo, Fonzie came into our lives. Fonzie is a mix, feel free to make a guess. He harassed the older dog is his last home and was looking for a place he could be a wild man and not scare the other dog.

Apolo with his new ball pit

 Fonzie posing so nice
Look close. They aren't cuddling, Apolo is 
holding Fonzie down so he can sleep.
See Fonzie's pouty face? 

They both have added so much life around here and I couldn't imagine a day without them. Right now Apolo is outside barking at the train off in the distance. Fonzie, well he's hiding under the bed, that train could jump the tracks come 3 miles down the road and eat him.  

Hope your day is special. Any furry friends that make your day better just by being there?

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Either Way, I'm It

Sometimes I'm torn between "Cheap by Necessity, Frugal by Choice" or "Frugal by Necessity, Cheap by Choice" , when it boils down to it, it's all the same and I'm It!!!

I can't count how many times I have searched Goggle, Pinterest, etc. for Living Cheap, Saving Money, Save on Electric Bill, etc. only to come up empty handed. It's get very frustrating when I can't find any more corners to cut. Take my electric bill, before winter that is, I had it down to where I was paying less for what I used then when it cost to have electric hooked up to my house. I still think there's ways I can get it lower. I think the freezer and the refrigerator are the biggest uses of electric, just can't figure out how to stop using them.

If you come to my house in the winter any windows that don't have plastic on them, have aluminum foil painted black and taped to them, for free heat from the sun. It might not be the prettiest thing, but it really helps. The other day it was only in the high teens outside, but nice and sunny. When I got home it was 75 in my dining room just from the aluminum foil heat. Last year I kept the thermostat set at 50 and the only time it was warmer was on sunny days. This year thanks to my Mom & Jim and Jim, I have wood heat also, so nice!!!

Okay I'll get to what started this thought process tonight. I hate picking out clothes and shoes, I hate even more paying for them. Thanks to Sandy and Sharon I do have plenty of nice warm shirts to layer and keep me warm this winter. Thanks to my Mom I have socks. (She really hates when I wear my socks till it's only little strings holding them on my feet) Pants and shoes are another story. Sandy has gave me some shoes to try, but either my feet are too small or hers are too big :) Jim has been nagging me for over a year to go buy new ones, I refuse. I tell him I bought new clothes at the Salvation Army in 2011, because I didn't have any clothes except-able to wear for my new job. I paid $3.00 a pair for the jeans, I was really hoping to get the average cost down to .50 a year. My favorite pair has had a couple of the belt loops ripped off over time. I've had to sew a few holes shut around the back pockets, but they fit the need. That was until Saturday, I got home from work and bent over to pick up a piece of wood and rippppppppppppp, there goes the ass of my pants :( I was so grateful they waited until I got home to do that, but still very sad. I haven't gave up on them yet, I'm still going to dig out the sewing machine and see if I can at least repair them for non work pants.

Oh shoes are even worse!!! They are damned expensive and I can never find any that I like and that fit right. Nobody likes going shoe shopping with me. John just used to buy me a pair, I'd hate them, but when it got to the point the ones I was wearing just couldn't go anymore I'd give in and wear them. After a while they were like family and I wouldn't want to let them go. I always have shoe goo and tape around to make them last just a little longer or a lot longer :) My work shoes now I also bought in 2011 for $30.00, that about gave me a heart attack. They have multiple layers of shoe goo on them, I've replaced the insoles with insoles out of other old shoes at least 5 times that I remember. Well they are to the point of no return now. My feet are always wet when it snows and my poor feet and legs start aching after being at work an hour. Tonight I had to go to town, so I told Jim I would look at shoes. Meijer's first because that's where I needed to go for bird toy parts. I found a pair of shoes that looked like they might be comfortable. To be sure I put them on, put the box from them and my shoes in the cart and walked around the store, got to make sure they fit right. (Jim couldn't believe I did that when I talked to him on the phone) They were okay, but I just couldn't justify spending $40.00 (plus tax) on a pair of shoes. I decided to go to Walmart, they have to be cheaper. They had a poor selection for what I could wear for work. I did find one pair that I thought would probably work. I tried on a 9, too big. Okay let's try an 8 1/2, nope too big again, very surprised at this. But alright an 8 then. Take a few steps not too bad, let's try on the other shoe. It's too small, wtf??? Maybe the last person that tried them on put them in the wrong boxes, nope checked they are right. Ummm. maybe one is labeled wrong, hold them up to each other and compare, same size. Really??? That must be a sign I'm not suppose to get a new pair of shoes, so I say "heck with it" and head home. So here I sit knowing in the am I have to go back to wet sore feet :( I wonder if I can figure out how to make my own shoes??? But I'm sure all your thinking is "boy she rambles a lot", so I'll stop, I do feel better for getting it all out if that helps ;)

Any saving money tips to pass along?

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Food for Thought

Just recently I have thought a lot about me not being "normal". On my way home tonight I was thinking it again. And the thought crossed my mind that part of my not being normal is how I eat, though Jim does try hard to change it. For breakfast this morning I had some oh so yummy Pickled Beets. A very dear friend of mine made them. The first time she gave me a jar she had canned I took them to be polite, but never really thought I would like them. Well I was wrong, I love them, the first jar I ate in less then 24 hrs. There was only a few beets left this morning which didn't fill me up, so on to the second course of Pepperoni Slices and Dill Pickle Potato Chips. Mostly filled up so off to work after all the critters around here were fed.

This morning while I was putting up the mail I snacked on some more Dill Pickle Potato Chips and ate a little bit of cake. At lunch time on my way to Jim's I snacked on the Cheddar Cheese Pretzels in my car. When I got there I had a handful and Jim asked me what kind of junk I was eating. I told him it wasn't junk, it's mostly made from the same ingredients as bread so I was just eating bread, he didn't buy it.

Time to eat lunch. Jim made Homemade Mashed Potatoes and Baked Cube Steak. I love his potatoes and the Cube steak was so delicious!!!! He insisted I take the leftover potatoes with me. I always agree because they are so good. I put them in the dish and smothered the top with shredded cheese.

Fast forward 2 hrs and I'm back at work and hungry again. Not really wanting any more chips or cake right now, so I zoom in the cookies a Co-Worker brought in yesterday. Maple Bacon, from a mix she found at the market and thought sounded good. Yesterday at work I ate 2, one in the am and one in the afternoon. I thought "not too bad, but too maply and not enough bacon flavor" Well today I ate one and the stomach said "try another I'm still hungry". Well if you eat 2 in a row, the bacon flavor comes out a little more. Maybe see if it gets even better after 3, well it did and before long I had ate 10 of them!!! I'm sure I would have kept eating them if I hadn't already ate them all :(

When the thought occurred to me on my way home from my second job tonight, I was actually munching on some Cheddar Cheese Pretzels in my car. They are in the same bag on the front seat as the Nutella. For supper when I got home I had the leftover potatoes. While I was eating them I made a couple hard boiled eggs, someone suggested trying them in my leftover beet juice. I thought why not, I'm sure if I don't eat them some critter here will. I think at this point I'm down eating for the day. Oh now, not just yet, I have to eat my daily Mounds Candy Bar yet, it's for my health so I can't skip it. Go grab yourself a snack and enjoy!!!