Monday, March 17, 2014

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

I hate them, I know hate is a strong word, but I really do. Right now I'm looking at making a bunch of decisions and changes in my life and the stress is costing me plenty of sleep. The biggest new addition to my life is adding another job. The Post Office has been keeping my hours down to less then 20 a week and I'm struggling big time with the bills. I have a couple prospects right now. One is at a local nursing home as an Aid. I don't think the job would be bad, it's just the hours and the low pay. It is only every other weekend on Sat and Sun nights 2pm-10:30 pm. Saturday's problem is I work at the Post Office from 7am-12:30pm. I would have to come home and hurry though chores to get to work at 2. Makes for a very long day for me, but also a very long day for my animals. Sunday night I know shouldn't be a big deal, but it would interfere with my time with Jim. That is the only night of week, he is always off and the longest time we get to spend together. It's still a new relationship and I hate to miss seeing him. I called today about a job at a local church doing paperwork. It's only 3 hrs a day, 4 days a week, the problem is that it is during normal Post Office hours, so I'm not sure how that would work out if I have to cover when the Post Master takes time off or calls in. I also won't know right away how much it pays, but know it won't pay as much as the PO. I'll have to discuss that with the Pastor on Wed when I go meet him. I'm not sure if any of the part time jobs are a good idea or not, they aren't going to be enough on their own to fix my problems. So do I take every part time job I can get and give up my life?

Also I'm trying to decide what to do about my bird toy website For Birds Sake Toys I sell my bird toys as well as my other variety of items on both Ebay on Etsy. Neither one is doing great, but I have more sales there then my website. I do get sales from site from regular customers, but that can be months apart. I can't see keep paying $20 a month for a website with so little traffic. I like having an independent website and would like to find one that is a little less a month, but damn there are so many to choose from you can spend days trying to pick one. Every time I'm ready to list another item I'm also always torn about if I should put it on Ebay or Etsy, never sure which I stand the better chance of selling on. When you are a single income family, with so many other mouths to feed depending on you, every choice is so tough. I'll gladly take any and all advice anyone has to offer.

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