Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary

I was listing a candy dish that says "50th Anniversary" tonight on Ebay. It made me think back to the other night when I shadowed at the nursing home. Two different rooms I was in, there were pictures saying "Happy 75th Anniversary" One was a widow on her own and another was a couple still together, they were both in their 90's. I thought to myself how lucky are they to be still together after all these years!!! The picture in the couple room was the photo from when they first got married. They looked so happy, the entire wedding party looked very elegant. How I wish I could have sat and talked to them about that day and the days since. What was it like when they got married? Were they in love? Was it a family arranged wedding? How much has changed since they first got married? Are they still in love? Or did they stay together all these years because that was how their generation was raised? And so many more questions.

In a way it makes me sad, because I will never know that kind of long time love. If I was lucky and got married right now, I might be able to eek out a 25th Anniversary, maybe even 50, but I probably wouldn't have a clue it was actually happening and 75 that is just out of the question. I guess for now I will just enjoy each month Anniversary I get with Jim and hope to be counting years someday with him.

I raise my glass to all the couples that have made it together through good times and bad. And if your looking for a 50th Wedding Anniversary gift, well you can even buy my glass.

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  1. I once purchased a small dish from Goodwill that wished the previous owner a happy birthday. It had a date from the 50s. I don't mind at all that it has someone else's name on it. I love it. Every time I look at it I am happy. I think that there was someone who was loved so much that someone hand-painted a dish wishing them a happy birthday.