Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My Boys are Weird

I was just sweeping the kitchen when I realized my boys are weird. Since they are all big dogs they all have/had raised feeding stations. At one point I had 4 of them in the kitchen, I'm down to two. Butt's went after he passed away because it upset Bradley by being left there. Goober's was next to go, I decided since he didn't use it there was no need for it. He never ever drank out of the water bowl and no one else did either. He is a spoiled child and has to eat in front of the TV, so no need to keep a feeding station in the kitchen for him. Tub's leg is too bad for him to get to the kitchen anymore, so he eats in the living room with Goober. I can't get rid of his feeding station though because his is the only water bowl anyone will drink out of. That leaves Pogo to eat alone in the kitchen, which he is fine with, he won't drink out of his own bowl though. I don't know where they get their weirdness from :)

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