Monday, July 14, 2014

Too much good stuff for a Facebook post

Up to do chores this morning and then off to meet Jim for a few hours before work. When we get out to the farm he decided today should be the day I attempt to ride a bicycle. Growing up my best friend Becky and I put a lot of miles on our bikes, that slowed down when she got her driver's license and totally stopped when I got mine. I haven't been on a bike since then, well unless you count an exercise bike I had to have, for a month or so :) Russ assured me the other day I could still do it, even of it has been 20+ years. Jim was true to his word and held on to the handle bars and the back of the seat for me while I made my re maiden voyage. Which was all about 6 ft. and then I told him I couldn't do it myself it was best to stop. No arguments, he just put the bike away and said we'll try again another day. See why I love him?

When it's close to time for me to go to work he goes to the meat market to get some cheese, so I have a snack later. He buys a 3 lb block of Baby Guggisberg Swiss Cheese, expensive, but very good and he knows I'll eat it. One more stop, ice cream!!! He knows all my weak spots :) He orders us both sundaes, mine was blackberry, yummy. As long as it's not breakfast, he does okay me eating dessert first. He packs my lunch while I eat my sundae; steamed yellow squash, mashed potatoes, stuffing, turkey, hot dog, dinner roll and of course a chunk of cheese. See why I love him?

Not a big deal, but it is for me. Today we have been together 9 months!!! Today, as everyday, I'm so glad I had to courage to say life is short, want to go out? I love him more everyday!!!

See why I love him?

After work tonight I went "pickin" with Russ and Peg, lots of laughing and joking around. They are so much fun to hang out with. We picked for about an hour and I ended up with another car load of "stuff". Can't wait to get it all cleaned up and sorted out, lots of cool old stuff to send to new homes.

Thinned out the carrots in the garden at Jim's tonight for the chickens. Kinda funny, but they don't like the little bitty carrots, they prefer the ones bigger then a pencil. I put the carrots in the outside run when I got home, so they will find them first thing in the morning, betcha they will think it's Christmas. I'm sure it will be a good egg day after they eat all of them.

The icing on the cake.... I got to stop at Catherine's to pick up my most favorite food, White Spaghetti!!! I still think she should open a White Spaghetti restaurant, Sir and I would eat there everyday. As soon as I got my car unloaded tonight I ate a big plate of it. Jim doesn't have to worry about me eating candy for breakfast tomorrow, it will be White Spaghetti!!!

Oh so yummy!!!

All in all it has been a great day, very tiring, but great. I'm very blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful people!!! 

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