Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My Boys

I have a terrible memory, I tell people all the time "I will if I remember". Tonight I remembered it's been a little while since I added anything here. I was right, kinda, it's been over a year. So what better way to get back on track then to introduce the 2 handsome boys that entered my life and added so much happiness. Apolo was first, he came last fall. He's a Saint Bernard, his family was moving and couldn't take him with. This spring right after we lost Pogo, Fonzie came into our lives. Fonzie is a mix, feel free to make a guess. He harassed the older dog is his last home and was looking for a place he could be a wild man and not scare the other dog.

Apolo with his new ball pit

 Fonzie posing so nice
Look close. They aren't cuddling, Apolo is 
holding Fonzie down so he can sleep.
See Fonzie's pouty face? 

They both have added so much life around here and I couldn't imagine a day without them. Right now Apolo is outside barking at the train off in the distance. Fonzie, well he's hiding under the bed, that train could jump the tracks come 3 miles down the road and eat him.  

Hope your day is special. Any furry friends that make your day better just by being there?

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