Saturday, June 25, 2016

Postage Stamps ~ Going & Coming

Some of the stamps the USPS puts out are cool, others you wonder what they were thinking. It is interesting to see who will like which stamps when they come out. Some stamps you sell out in a matter of days and others you sit on until they go back for destruction. This coming week there are a bunch scheduled to go off sale on July 1. I only have a few of them in my office, so those are the only ones I'll be posting here. If you want to know the others you can contact me and I'll look them up for you. Two of the three I have that are going off sale I'll miss, the other I'm very happy to see go. 

 Really? How can you get rid of Rudolph? He and his other stamp buddies are so cute. I only have a few sheets of these left so I hope someone buys them, Christmas will be here before you know it. 

Johnny Cash, truly a musical legend. I sold out of him twice. The only reason I still have some left is I had another office send them over since they weren't selling them. I just sold a sheet yesterday, people will miss this stamp. Speaking of which... you can have your own Johnny Cash Postage Stamp Necklace. I still have one available in my Etsy Shop. Johnny Cash Necklace 

Harry Potter, sorry I'm glad to see these stamps go. I've never read the books or seen the movies, so I don't see the fascination with him. I'm guessing most people in town feel the same way because these stamps have been gathering dust since they came out. The Library in town buys them when they need them, but I don't recall anyone else buying them in sometime. I do think they are a great stamp for the library. 

Now for new stamp that is coming out June 30, 2016.......

Soda Fountain Favorites 

I love this they are so fun looking, they do make me crave Ice Cream though. Ever since the day they came in I have been wanting a Banana Split.  They are sold in sheets of 20 for $9.40. According to the description the five illustrations: are a double scoop ice cream cone, an egg cream, a banana split, a root beer float, and a hot fudge sundae. Can anyone tell me what an egg cream is? (Looks likes a drink of sorts)

If you are headed to the Post Office this week that gives you a few stamps to choose from. Maybe some of them will even inspire you to start stamp collecting.

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