Monday, June 13, 2016

Poison Ivy or Poison Oak or Poison Sumac

What ever it is, I have it!!! I can't believe I have gone 45 yrs and 347 days without it, why after all this time? I actually think it's because where I have it I cut myself while gathering weeds and since I had a open area I got it. Or maybe because they say our bodies change over time and now I'm always going to be allergic. I really hope not. I look at pics of all of them and go outside to find it and can't remember what the pics look like. Now I'm avoiding all weeds, the chickens aren't happy. Once this clears up I will give the weeds another try and see if it happens again.

Way back when I was in the third grade, 2 of my best friends and I went into the woods and found a big patch if it. We picked leafs and rubbed them one ourselves, we rolled in it, we just in general had a grand time of playing on it. We knew some that had a week off from school for catching it and we wanted a week off. My 2 friends, well they both got a couple weeks off from school, because they got it so bad. I didn't have a single mark on me. 

I have tried a few suggested items: Calaclear, I had to apply it every hour to keep the itching at bay. Bleach., I hate the smell to start with, but I think it made me itch more. So far Hydro cortisone with Aloe has helped the most, it will last 1/2 the day without needing to reapply. I just got some prescription steroid cream today, we'll see how that does over night. I have to admit positive thinking really helped one night. I was laying in bed and it was so itchy I couldn't sleep. I kept repeating "it doesn't itch" over and over. I started to believe it and fell asleep.

Reason for my post, I have to share my favorite "cure". You can use Urine, but it has to be your own. Really? That takes all the fun out of randomly asking someone for a cup of urine to rub on your Poison Ivy. Seriously, how do they know it has to be your own, have they tried their own as well as friends? I guess as long as what I'm trying keeps working I will skip trying this one, but won't say never, because who knows what the future holds.

Are you allergic? What do you use that works? What have you tried that hasn't worked? 

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