Friday, October 25, 2013

Family Friday Blue & Gold Macaws

Since Sarge had the blog to himself last week, I figured I would let the rest of the Blue & Golds have it this week.

Hi my name is Samantha,. I'm a 12 yr old Blue and Gold Macaw. My hatch day is April 25th,2001 and I came to live here on Sept. 8th,2001. I was the first baby to come here and live and I suppose the rest of the birds would tell you that's obvious, by the fact that I'm so spoiled. Sarge is the one who named me, he was always yelling the name out, so when I came home they decided that would be my name. I wish he wouldn't say it so much though, because most of the other birds have learned it now too and everyone is always yelling my name. I think they are trying to get Mom to think I'm doing something wrong, so she doesn't think I'm her baby anymore.

Anyone want to go for a walk?

Hi I'm Ms Margerette, I'm a 21 yr old Blue and Gold Macaw. My hatch day is August 20th,1992, I came to live in this zoo on May 25th,2002. I used to live with a guy who kept me in a room all by myself in a cage with only one perch and one little toy. It took me sometime to get used to being here, but now I wouldn't trade it for anything. Well except maybe a place Mischief isn't. I don't know what is wrong with that boy, but every time the curtain blows at him he hollers my name. Duh, does he think that is the curtains name?
Don't touch my toys!!!

Zoey here, another Blue and Gold Macaw. I'm 11 yrs old, my hatch day is Sept 23, 2002. I came to live here in 2007. My previous Mom loved me and gave me a good home, but then she had to move to a home for older people and they don't allow loud obnoxious Macaws to live there. That's okay, because here we are allowed to be loud and obnoxious all we want.
What are you looking at kid?

Hi I'm Gonzo a Blue and Gold Macaw. If you ever watched the muppets and look at my picture you'll know where I got my name from. I'm 9 yrs old, my hatch day is July 3rd, 2004. A friend of Mom's had me before I came here to live. He started going to school and working and didn't have the time for me anymore so he thought it would be best for me to move here. My beak was already crooked when he got me, so no one really knows when or how it happened. It doesn't really slow me down at all, Mom just has to crack my nuts for me and make me toys that are for smaller birds.
Aren't I cute?

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