Sunday, October 27, 2013

Guest Blogger Sunday

Alyssa wants to make a blog post, so I'm going to let her have today's blog post for herself.

Alyssa:9    Bradley:6 [and a half]     One night I was playing with my Kindle in bed, then got bored so I put my Kindle in my pillowcase. The next day Bradley and I woke up, he almost pushed me off the bed so we got in a pillow fight. Bradley had the one with the Kindle in it, but he didn't know that. Then he hit me in the head with the pillow. Then I felt my head because I thought my head was the thing that got hurt,  then when I brought my hand down to my nose and looked at it it had blood on it. So I felt my head again because it stung and then started to cry. Then I ran to get Michelle. She told John to follow her and she took me into the bathroom, then she gave me a washcloth to cover my eyes and used the water sprayer. I actually was watching the water the whole time and I saw a bunch of blood which made me cry harder. Then it was finally over and I went and cuddled with Michelle for a while. Then later on when I went home, Mom asked me if we should let a doctor look at it but I said Noo!

It hurt really bad.

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