Friday, October 18, 2013

Family Friday Sarge

I have been pretty busy lately and haven't done Family Friday or much else on here. So today I'm going to let Sarge have the blog to tell his story.

Am I handsome or what?

My name is Sarge, I'm a 21 yr old Blue and Gold Macaw. My hatch day is April 22nd, 1992. My story begins when I was only 8 yrs old. I was living with a nice family. Soon strangers started showing up and only seem interested in me. I knew for the fourth time I was for sale again, I met this with great displeasure. I had no idea what my next home would be like.

You see my breeders were nice people, but they didn't educate my first owners on owning such a big bird. They were nice to me, but unsure how to deal with me. So I was off to my second home. Here is where I found out how much of a disagreement birds and people could have. They didn't think I should be so loud and things got violent. My wing was dislocated, but they didn't care so it's still not right to this day. As a result I was moved onto my third home. As I mentioned they were nice people, but I had already lost my trust for people at this point. And now here I was faced with moving yet again. The first three people that came to look at me,I bit in hopes I would not be taken away. I was nearly sold to a breeder, but the lady I was living with thought I would once again make a great pet in the right home.

Then one bright sunny afternoon another couple came to see me. They seemed more gentle and patient then the others had. I stepped up on the mans arm and said "gimme kiss" and kissed him right on the lips. I thought these people are nice and then I remembered I didn't want to move, so I screamed as loud as I could. Well it was too late the deal was already done. A few days later my owners put me and all my stuff in their truck and took me to live with John and Michelle. That was July 4th, 2000. In all the years I have been here it hasn't mattered what I have done, whether or not I screamed too much or pinched a little too hard I have never witnessed any violence. It has taken lots of work on their part, but there are even times I let them pet me. I have been here 13 yrs now and I know now that I am now in my forever home.

When I first moved in Nicky was the only other bird here. Now as you look around you'll see that our Mom just can't say no to any birdie looking for a forever home.  The girls always argue about who is Mom's favorite, but you see who she let go first.

This toy is called Sarge's Little Chews, Mom designed it for me. Even though I'm a big Macaw, I'm not really too much in to being a buzz saw like some of the other birds here. 

 It was nice to meet you, my brothers and sisters will be back on another Friday to share their stories with you. If you want to see some of other toys our Mom makes and sells to help support us you can go to our toy website.  For Birds Sake Toys    Sarge

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