Friday, October 11, 2013

Life is Too Short

The last week most all talk and events at work and around town  have revolved around the loss the Mayor of Elmore, OH.  Lowell Krumnow He was the Mayor of the little town of Elmore for 22 years and he was a major part of the Elmore Historical Society for 33 years, so just about everyone in town knew him. At his funeral today one of the towns residents read a poem she had wrote for the day, it was beautiful. Had it been appropriate to do so at a funeral I think she would have received a standing ovation. It was along the lines, maybe you knew him as Mayor, maybe as a co worker, maybe as neighbor, maybe as a uncle or brother and on down the line, it showed truly how many people will be affected by his loss. At the funeral home and at the dinner they had pictures remembering his life. One of them touched me more then others. It was of him and two of his brothers. It was taken at the last event that took place in Elmore at the Historical Society. Someone up higher must have guided that cameraman's hand that day. In less then 24 hrs after that picture was taken Lowell would find out that the headache he had, was actually an inoperable brain tumor and he only had a short time left. His family, friends and community rallied to his side to offer hope, love, encouragement, prayers and to cherish every last minute they could with him. It was only 31 days before he left them all with tears and great sense of loss. He will  be missed by so many and some wonder how the little town will survive with out him. I'm sure his family wonders that even more.

The picture has me thinking about how we take so much for granted in life and all expect to live to be a ripe old age. Do we tell our friends and families how much they mean to us everyday? Do they know how much we love and care about them and their loss would leave a hole in our lives? More importantly do we love ourselves and live the life we should? The one that makes us happy and fulfilled? Or are we just waiting it out and hoping someday it will get better or change on it's own? Or do we feel we aren't worth it, we don't deserve happiness? Do we see family and friends struggling with the same emotions? It's time to stop thinking those thoughts and to stop letting our loved ones think it too. I don't know how to change it all, it's a vicious cycle, but I'm going to start with my family and friends and make sure they always know "they are worth it" and I love them. "Remember, tomorrow is promised to know one"

Rip is Peace Lowell - you'll be missed by many, including me, even if we never did see eye to eye on the candy :) And thanks for the visit, I didn't understand it at the time, but do now and I'll work on it.

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