Friday, September 13, 2013

About Us

  I'm Michelle, Mom to Many!!! My family consists of 30 birds, 3 Saint Bernard's, a Great Dane/Coon Hound Mix, 3 Cats, 20 Hens and a Breaded Dragon. That is why more often then not I will say "us" instead of me, they are the most important part of my life. As time permits I will introduce each of them to you, so you can get to know them all. 

  Zip It Red, that comes from Sandy, one of my coworkers at the Post Office. It started when her and I would disagree what the temperature should be in the office, when I wouldn't agree with her she would say "Zip It Red". Now she uses it all the time, I think mostly because Larry laughs so when she says it to me.

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