Thursday, September 19, 2013

Vacumm Tip

I was just upstairs sweeping the birds floor and thought about back at the old house when they had carpet on the floor in their rooms. Which put me in mind of a safety tip I thought I should share with others. If you are looking to buy a new vacuum look for one that shuts the beater bar off when you are using the attachments. You might not realize it, but that is an important safety feature. You see one day while I was vacuuming using the wand and brush to get under the cages I got too close to the vacuum and it sucked my hair right up and wrapped it around the beater bar :)  Luckily I wasn't home alone and had someone that could unplug the vacuum and help me unroll my hair. I can and do laugh at it now, but wasn't amused when my head was stuck to the vacuum :) My Dyson Animal does have that feature, though I would probably still love it even if it didn't. Wishing everyone Safe Vacuuming!!! 

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