Friday, September 13, 2013

How to use VitaCritter Bird Toy Dye

Over the years I have tried many different set ups for dying my bird toys with VitaCritter. So far this is the best way I have come up with.

Cover table(s) with newspaper

Cover newspaper with garbage bag(s). After you use both sides of the bag drying your toy parts you can turn it inside out and use it for garbage, no waste that way.

 Get your alcohol and choice of color ready. 15 parts alcohol to one part VitaCritter.

 70% Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol works best.

 All my utensils ready: tongs and slotted spoons for lifting the wood out of the dye. Tablespoon to measure the dye(personally I just eye ball it) Containers for mixing it in. Funnel if you want to transfer the dye when you are done.

 Here is the alcohol and VitaCritter mixed and ready to use.

 You can use your hands just to gently drop your pieces in. If not gently you can end up with pretty colored spots all over your face :)

 For bigger pieces you can use the tongs. 

 They only need just a quick dip in the dye and they are ready to lay out to dry.

 All my pieces waiting to dry, which only generally takes a few hours.

 You can see how little I used to dye all that out of the 16 oz bottle. You can pour your color back into the empty alcohol bottle to store or in the container you used if it has a lid. I mix up enough at one time that I keep my in 5 gallon buckets. 

Oh and if you don't use rubber gloves you get the benefit of pretty hands. Most of it does wash off pretty easy, but some colors do take a little longer to wear off.

Happy Toy Making!!!


  1. I'm sorry for digging up an old post but how long can you keep these batches around for? I'm trying to plan for my next featherbutt and I doubt I'll need a huge batch like this. Do you think a smaller amount of alchohol + a couple of drops of dye would be sufficient?

  2. Yes you could just mix up a small batch with the desired amount of alcohol and just add drops until you get the color you desire.