Wednesday, September 25, 2013

In Memory of my Dad

My Dad was born on December 31, 1938 and passed away 20 yrs ago today. I have the best memories of him from when I was little right up until he passed away. He was the funniest and kindest man I have ever known. My Sister and I meant everything to him. I was a true Daddy's girl and no matter how bad I was when I was a teenager he always loved me!!! I was devastated when he died and didn't know if I could go on. A friend of his sent me a sympathy card and wrote that I should think how lucky I was to have a great Dad for 23 yrs instead of a rotten Dad my entire life. She was right and I have always looked at it that way ever since, not saying I wouldn't love just one more day!!!! Here's some pics of cards between my Dad and I.

When I was 8 my Dad was pulled into a printing press at work and was in the hospital for a while. This is the card I made and sent to him. 

My sister and I had bunk beds, I must have thought everyone did :)

 The picture is me on my first birthday. (I still have the chair) My Dad gave the picture to me on my 20th birthday with the note on the back.

He had a great sense of humor. 
My sister graduated high school the week of my 21rst birthday. My Dad made her a sign and put it on the fridge. Well the natural jealous Daddy's girl I was wanted to know how come I didn't get a sign. The next day this was on the fridge.

My last and most precious note. When my Dad was in the hospital at the end he couldn't talk because of the tubes. After I told him I loved him, he made the motion he wanted to write something and this is what he wrote.

For those of you missing your Daddy like me, here's a hug and know your not alone. For those of you that still have your Daddy, go hug him and tell him you love him and give him a hug for me, Daddy hugs are the best.

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