Saturday, September 14, 2013

Your Manner's Aren't Showing

I have a book in my Etsy shop called  Your Manners Are Showing ever since the first time I found this book I think about how untrue that is these days. I honestly believe that teaching manners has become a thing of the past. How many times have you been at a store and the clerk doesn't even acknowledge you? I know many times as the transaction has ended I will walk away saying "Thank you, have a a nice day, oh thanks you too" And it's not just because I'm a little crazy and talk to myself :) In reality does it really take that much out of you to smile at someone and thank them? There is a young man that works at the Rite Aid in town and every time you go in there he makes you feel like he is happy to see you and treats you like a long time friend. I have even wrote to Rite Aid commenting on how wonderful a young man he is.

In my house I'm known as the manners police. I was raised to say thank you, please, your welcome, etc. I can say with 100% honesty that I don't think having manners has ever hurt me and I still think they are very important. I always told the boys when they were growing up having manners can make the difference in so many things from relationships to jobs, growing up they thought I was crazy, but now they will tell me I'm right (one of my favorite things to hear) and having manners can make a difference. They at times have commented on someones lack of manners and how rude it really is. The years haven't softened me either, I still try to instill manners in the little ones that come around. They will ask "can I have a snack?" I say "what" and this will continue until they remember to say "please" They also know if I say "And" that means they are suppose to say "your welcome".

Recently I was going into a local store about the same time as an elderly gentleman. I reached the door first and held it open for him. He thanked me and said "that's hard to get used to" I asked him "what?". He said " I was raised to have manners and hold the door for a lady and those times are changing". I told him " I was raised to have manners with everyone". He replied " I never thought of that, but these days not many are raised with any manners".

It doesn't cost us anything to smile and use our manners, so let's all go out and spread them around!!! You never know when that smile combined with a thank you, have a nice day, please, etc could make someones day a little bit better.

Thank you, for taking the time to read my ramblings, have a wonderful day!!! Comment and let me know your thoughts on manners.

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