Monday, September 16, 2013

Cooking Ughhh

This morning at work Sharon brought in a bag of potatoes to see if anyone wanted them because they are getting ready to go on vacation and she didn't think they would be good by the time they got home. Sandy said she would take them if no one else wanted them. Sharon said "she (me) won't want them she only cooks things from a box." Which for the most part is right. Then I told her about this recipe I saw on line for them potatoes that looked good and easy, my favorite. Hasselback Potatoes I even thought I would try them with the potatoes my Mom and Jim brought me from their garden.

Fast forward to being home from work, sitting at the computer thinking "I'm hungry" So I decided I would try to make the potatoes, they take 40 minutes to cook, but I'm hungry now!!! When I was at my Aunt Kathy's this weekend picking tomatoes for the chickens she asked me if I had tried to make the green beans she posted on FB for me to try, you cook them just like zucchini, dipped in egg and then flour. I still have a few bags of fresh green beans from Lila and they won't take long to cook. I text Kathy to make sure I remembered right first. Set about snipping the green beans, had my butter and lard melting in the pan, whipped up a couple eggs from my chickens and found the very seldom used flour. All was going good, until my coating started coming off the green beans as they cooked. It all came off!!! I started scooping all the eggy flour out of the pan in hopes of saving the green beans.

No coating left!!!

Fried flour anyone?

The timer goes off for the potatoes now, so I make a little sampler plate of the potatoes and green beans for John to try. He said "the potatoes aren't done and they are tasteless, the green beans are okay" Asked if he wants anymore "NO".

Not as pretty as the picture on the website.

Back to the kitchen to clean up my mess. John calls out "I know what I want to eat." I go in to see and he says "Let's go to Bob Evan's and get one of those pumpkin cheesecake pies we saw the other day." I said " I have a cheesecake mix here and some pumpkin, I could probably make it." He made a funny face and said "Ah NO". Now I'm wondering if I should even cook the roast I was planning on for dinner or just pop some frozen Pot Pies in the oven? One thing is for sure, my boy(dogs) will be eating well tonight and they won't complain about my cooking.

Have a great day, I'm headed to the kitchen to get a candy bar to satisfy my hunger, which I should have done in the first place.

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  1. I do NOT like to cook~! My hubby does,but only on the weekends. I try to cook as simple as possible LOL