Friday, September 20, 2013

Family Friday - The Boys

I figured I should start Family Friday with introducing The Boys, because I refer to "The Boys" or "My Boys" a lot and some might think they are skin kids, but they are actually fur kids.

Butt is my oldest Saint Bernard, he's 11. I always say the day he came here when the door opened he walked into my heart. He came to live here when he was 3 yrs old. From the moment he walked in he followed me everywhere and when ever I would stop he would run into my butt, that's how he got his name. He has slowed way down in his old age and needs his Mom's help a lot, but I'm glad to give it. I know our time is nearing and end and I cherish every minute with him.
Butt out for a walk on a sunny day

Tub is the middle Saint, he is 6 he will be 7 in Oct. Tub was Butt's Christmas present when he was 4. He came here as a 10 week old ball of fluff and has turned into a long legged gangly teenager, his legs don't stop. Tub simply loves people and if you came to the house he believes you only came to see him and despite his size if you sit down you will find him on your lap.
Tub napping with his duck pillow

Goober the youngest Saint, he just turned 3 last week. He was Tub's Christmas present when he turned 4. That boy is a monster and has been since he came home at 12 weeks old. He has chewed up everything he can, even a few walls. I believe Goober's favorite thing in life is when Alyssa comes over to have a sleep over, they are BFF's. 
Goober and Alyssa relaxing on the couch

Last but not least is Pogo. He is a Great Dane Coon Hound mix. He will be 11 next week, but not showing any signs of slowing down at all. Pogo came here about 6 yrs ago from not the greatest home. His passion in life is Milk Bones. The Boys get one every morning when I get up and if I lay in bed too long Pogo will come stare at me to try and encourage me to get up.

Pogo laying in bed watching out the window

Now it's time for Me and The Boys to call it a night,  if Tub and Goober left me any room in bed :)

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