Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Start of Winterizing

Tonight when I made my weekly trip to Walmart I grabbed a few things to start winterizing the house. In previous years I have just put plastic up on most of the windows and called it good enough, this year I plan to do a little more then that, because I hate freezing!!! I keep the thermostat in the birds room set at 70 in the winter, in the main house I only keep it at 50 though. In the evenings if we are sitting around watching TV I will turn it up to 55. Everybody loves it when my Mom comes to visit at Thanksgiving because I then I splurge and turn it up to 70 for the few days she is here, makes it feel like summer :) This was tonight's project since I figured I could get it done before birdie bedtime.

I only paid $2.88 plus tax at Walmart for these, a pretty cheap investment. If you go to Duck's Facebook page they have a couple coupons if you like their page. The Duck Brand   I don't know if they are always the same, but the two that showed for me were $.50 off a roll of deco laminate (not really for winterizing) and $2.00 any roll on window kit.

I started putting these covers on in my office and while I was there I thought I would get the Spackle bucket out and fix a few holes where some Monster Saint Bernard thought he should chew through the walls. I couldn't find the putty knife so I just grabbed a plastic spoon. It worked okay to fill the holes, kinda, but I decided it would be much more efficient to use my hands. Wouldn't you know it as soon as my hands are covered in it, Butt starts barking for me to come help him get up. I hurried in to get my hands washed and help him into the house. Once he was settled in I went back to it. Once I had the sealers on I thought there was still a little gap air could sneak in, so I put a bead of clear silicone I had here around each outlet after I had it back together. I finished putting the sealers in my office and the down stairs bird room and headed up stairs.

I got the first couple done incident free. On the third one I got to close to Chaos (Scarlet Macaw) and she grabbed my hair with her beak and pinned me to her cage. Oh the fun of having Macaws and long hair :) My left hand is empty so I reach up and try tickling her belly to convince her to let go. With my right hand, the one with the open tube of silicon, I try pulling my hair away from her. Can you guess where this is going? Yep, all the while I was pulling I was also squeezing the tube of silicone all over my hair :) Finally got free from her and finished upstairs. The rest of the house was uneventful.

The package came with 18 outlet sealers and 6 switch plate covers and I had 6 outlet covers that had come with a window kit. I used all of them and I'm still short 8 of them and I only put them on the outlets on the outside walls. The person who built this house must have been obsessed with electrical outlets :) I haven't decided if I will go buy another pack to finish off the remaining ones or just call it close enough, since I still have quite a few other winterizing projects planned. One I'm really excited to try and will share pictures as I work on it.

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