Monday, September 23, 2013

Boxes, Boxes and More Boxes

I have a lot of boxes!!! I like to recycle every box I can. Back in the day I would have been called a box hoarder, but now with all the recycling, reusing and re-purposing, I can save all my boxes and not be called names.  I see no sense at all in paying for a new box to ship something when there are already so many boxes available. Not only do I save all the boxes I get things shipped to me in, but have others save all theirs too. It doesn't stop there, I save all my food boxes too. Cereal boxes, granola bar boxes, frozen dinner boxes. They work great for shipping small items, particularly books. Saving the boxes isn't the problem, it's how. I use Alyssa & Bradley's room for that, they are only here every so often for a weekend and they don't want to sleep in there anyways. They much prefer to sleep in the living room, so they can sleep with The Boys. So I just walk by and toss the boxes in there when I get them, still really not a problem. The problem comes in when I need a box and have to find just the right one. Well yesterday I said heck with it and tackled those boxes. I wanted shelves for the smaller ones, but didn't want to spend the money to buy them. I found a few old ones we had around here from an old closet before we tore it out. I looked and looked, but could only find one of the mounting brackets. I took pictures of it, so the next time I went to Menard's I could get more. I didn't really want to wait, then I might lose my motivation, I didn't want to drive there just for that and waste gas. I put my thinking cap on and shuffled through my junk drawers. Light Bulb over head moment, use really long zip ties for hanging brackets and nails to secure it to the wall :)

Zip Tie as support bracket

Nails securing it too the wall. And a cool glow in the dark sticker.

3 Shelves ready to fill with boxes
While I was filling the shelves up with boxes I also sorted out my packing peanuts, tissue paper, packing paper and air pillows. I came up with 2 boxes of air pillows!!!
So much nicer.
Still plenty of boxes to stack in the other corner.
I still have to go through the closest and sort out the boxes I have in there, but I think I made a big step in the right direction yesterday. Stop by and visit my store and maybe help me reuse a box for shipping MichellesVarietyShop

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