Thursday, September 26, 2013

Throwback Thursday

I think I'm a throwback, because I love everything vintage and I think I should have been born way before I was. Maybe it was just the time I grew up in. My Grandma & Grandpa Kelley and my Great Grandma & Grandpa walker grew up in a much simpler time and most the the modern conveniences most houses had even in the 70's they didn't have. I can remember begging Grandma Kelley to let us do laundry in the old wringer washer, because it was so much cooler then the electric one we had at home you just threw the clothes in. They also had a tilt out floor bin that held a 50# bag of flour, I loved opening and closing that.  And there kitchen stove, what a treat for a little kid. Mom and Dad just turned a knob to turn ours on at home, but there you got to put wood in the top, how cool is that? We felt like we won the lottery if we were the one chosen to put the wood in.

My Great Grandparent's was much the same, except they had a lot of animals. Milk and eggs came from the barn, not the grocery store. And they weren't just plain old white eggs, you could pick your own color to eat from brown to blue. In the summer/fall you went out to the garden to get fixings for dinner. Grandpa cooked his dogs dinner on the stove every night and took it out to them. The joy of being a 5 yr old and rolling around in the yard playing with a half dozen baby raccoon and getting to bottle feed them. Having to feed the cows, chickens, turkey's, pheasants, quail, owls, geese, ducks, horses, raccoon, dogs and for a short time even a baby deer, all before you could sit down for dinner. When you woke up in the morning you fed them before you sat down to eat. I guess you could say my love of animals came from my Great Grandpa. I love having my own chickens to get eggs from now. Though butcher day was a little hard on me, I love knowing the pork and chickens in my freezer were raised with love.

Laundry time, while I don't have the wringer washer my Grandma's did, I do hang my clothes on the line to dry just like they did. I have an Aunt that hangs her clothes out on the line year round in Western New York. I don't go to that extreme, I hate the cold, but I do have a 4 line clothesline strung between my dining and living rooms for when it's too cold to hang them out.

I would love to go back in time for clothes too. It seems once the 70's were over fashion went down hill. Give me something made from the 40's- 70's and I would be happy. I see no reason to run to the store for a new pair of jeans just because I ended up with a hole, that's what patches are for. I don't need to wear anyone famous' name on my clothes or the newest rage in name brand shoes, just give me a solid pair of work shoes.

Check out the Vintage Books in my shop MichellesVarietyShop and remember what it's like to have an actual book in your hands. The smell of old books shows they have history. You can sit and wonder and make up your own story about the person or persons who read it before you, maybe even some just by the light of the candle.

I'm trying to get my self thrown back to the simpler times and hope each year I can get a little closer. Are you trying to go back to simpler times as well? Comment below and let me know what you are doing to throw yourself back.

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